Modernization of electric resistance furnaces of all types (melting and heat treatment furnaces).

- modernization or replacement of the control system;

- calculation and modernization of heating elements;

- calculation and modernization of the furnace lining.

It is quite obvious that the use of modern melting and heat treatment equipment enables to carry out precisely the technological process of manufacturing blanks, reducing the costs for energy consumption, ramp-up time and other operating costs.

However, the existing stock of furnaces of thermal shops of domestic machine-building enterprises, as well as melting and holding furnaces of non-ferrous casting shops, includes mainly obsolete models with a “heavy” furnace lining, slow response in temperature control, low temperature stability, low maximum temperature, and high operating costs (electricity or gas, work time, consumables, etc.) and low reliability as a result.

Unfortunately, enterprises often do not have financial means to purchase new modern equipment to replace obsolete and worn-out furnaces with a furnace lining made of “heavy” refractory bricks with high thermal conductivity and heat capacity; heating elements designed to operate with step down transformers, a control system operating according to the two-position control law, etc.

The problem of costs for electricity or gas is especially acute taking into account the trends of increasing energy prices. In some cases, it is also economically justified for the enterprise to transfer gas furnaces to electricity.

In such a situation, one of the solutions is a complete or partial modernization of existing furnaces.

Our company has great experience regarding modernization of electric resistance furnaces, both melting and heat treatment. We would like to mark out the main components of the modernization of such equipment, namely:

I. Electric resistance furnace control system.

II. Electric resistance furnace heating elements.

III. Electric resistance furnace lining.

We are ready to offer you the best solution because we operate in coordination with customers to modernize the equipment at their disposal or design a new one (general design, selection of refractory and heat-insulating materials, estimation and manufacturing of heating elements, adaptation and manufacturing of the control system).

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