Our company “Engineering company – SAS” Ltd. (Kiev, Ukraine) propose to the market electric ladle preheaters and dryers. Ladle dryers and preheaters are used widely in metal melting applications on foundry and metallurgy foundries. These electric ladle preheaters and dryers can be used for:

  • drying the new ladle refractory lining,
  • ladle preheating prior to the molten metal is poured.


            The main advantages of using electric ladle preheaters and dryers compared to gas-heated systems:

  1. Energy saving. More thermal efficiency (up to 80 % compared to the 5-15 % for simple burning and 20-30% for burners with recuperators). Lower operation costs.
  2. More precise temperature control and easier to operate.
  3. Increased ladle refractory lifetime (no thermal shock effect from burner).
  4. Reduced environment and pollution problems (reduced CO2 emission).


            All models of electric ladle preheaters and dryers design by customer request.


            For example, technical characteristics of electric ladle preheater and dryer for aluminium melt:

  1. Ladle capacity – 350 kg of aluminium.
  2. Electric power – 12 kW.
  3. Operation temperature – up to 1100°C.
  4. Heating elements – spiral heating elements from Resistohm P145 wire on ceramic tubes.
  5. Temperature control – electronic PID controller with thermocouple.
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