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     “Engineering company – SAS” Ltd. produces foundry tools in accordance to our long-term experience in foundry technologies and modern materials  usage. The main list of our foundry tools is suitable for gravity casting, high pressure die casting, art casting, recycling plants and also for ferrous cast and metallurgy. Foundry tools are de signed for effective
technological operations with liquid metals in different types of furnaces. Working parts of foundry tools are made from steel by stamping. Working surface  of tools contacting with liquid metal can be protect with special coatings (Cillolin and Mikrocollid by Schafer from Germany or another).
     Foundry handles are made from variable sections of steel with different types of ending according to the customer request. Different shapes and capacities of foundry tools can be possible by customer request



     Using for degassing, refining (cleaning) and modifying melt of non-ferrous alloys (aluminium, copper, zinc and lead – based alloys) by powder or tablet fluxes addition in melt.
Producing in three main sizes in accordance to the melt weight. The effective addition of degassing/modifying tablets and cleaning fluxes to the melt is due to the optimal shape and holes allocation.
     Foundry tool for dross (slag) skimming from liquid metals surface and also for stirring the melt. Tool is effective for skimming and stirring operations in all types of furnaces and transport ladles. Different shapes are possible.

2.1. Ladle-type dross (slag) skimmer L-1

2.2. Shovel-type dross (slag) skimmer L-2




Foundry tool for pouring liquid metals and alloys. Tool is made from steel by stamping with one or  two spouts (for right or left hand). Different capacities and steel gauges are possible.
Foundry equipment for transportation and pouring of  liquid non-ferrous metals and alloys (aluminium, copper, zinc and lead – based alloys).

5.1. Tongs with flat mouth for operations with hot metal
Steel tongs are useful for various operations with hot metal parts and castings in foundries, heat treatment and forge processes.
Main properties:
- Overall length – 610 mm.
- The maximal width of gripping – 100 mm.
- Tongs weight – 1,9 kg.
The various shapes and dimensions are possible under request.
Rigid handles are made from square section steel rod with different types of ending: for welding or screw connection with tools.
Handles can be made with different length and hand ending (“O” or “T”-type hand ending).


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